Violins for Wedding Receptions & Events | GREECE

wedding greece violinWe take care of each marriage separately
with love and professionalism, as we believe that for a couple the wedding ceremony
must be dreamlike and unforgettable. We have carefully chosen the melodies of our repertoire to be as perfect as possible for such a moment.Imagine how beautiful the bride's entrance will be in the church or reception area, accompanied by the well-known tango melody "Scent of a Woman"!

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saxophone greeceDJ and Saxophone Duos for weddings & Events OR saxophone with full band.

Increasingly popular now at weddings & events are DJ live sets; A DJ accompanied by instrumentalist(s) and/or live vocalist. Common instrumental additions include percussion, trumpet, electric violin,

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Live greek band with violin | Greece

Live greek music band with violin, guitar, bouzouki and piano. We play songs like zorba, traditional, ethnic, the most famous Greek songs and lovely acoustic songs. Our base city is in Thessaloniki but we can also carry events all over Greece and abroad..

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